Buying/Selling Your TN Vehicle?


  • The seller(s) is responsible for completing and delivering the Certificate of Title to the purchaser of the vehicle.  The top section titled, “ASSIGNMENT OF TITLE BY REGISTERED OWNER“, on the back of the Certificate of Title should be completed for sale between individuals.
  • TCA 55-3-127(d) requires the seller to enter the following information on the title:
    • The signature and printed name of seller(s)
    • the buyer’s name
    • date of sale
    • sales price
    • odometer reading for vehicle model year 2011 and newer
  • If the transaction is between family members or has a low selling price, the Non-Dealer Transfer Affidavit will also need to be completed and given to buyer.
  • It is a good idea to make a copy or picture of the back of the title once the seller and buyer have signed and the other information is completed. If a copy of the title cannot be made, the seller may want to have the purchaser sign a statement taking responsibility for the vehicle as of the sales date.
  • Only the registered owner(s) (or their legal designee) showing on the front of the title can sign as seller.
  • Any alteration or erasure voids the Certificate of Title.
  • The Re-assignment section on the back of the title is to be used by licensed dealers only.
  • For additional questions, contact our office 615-452-4063.


  • Dealer Purchase: If you are buying from a dealer, their title department will usually process all the paperwork for you.  The dealer will need a copy of your most recent registration if you wish to transfer a license plate.  The ownership name(s) on the new vehicle must remain the same as the previous vehicle to be eligible for a plate transfer.  A licensed dealer can process the work in the County Clerk’s Office where the vehicle was sold or Clerk’s Office where the purchaser resides. If the dealer does not process the work, you will need the properly assigned title/mso and a bill of sale to bring to our office.
  • Individual Sale: Only the registered owner(s) showing on the front of the titleor their power of attorney, can legally transfer ownership of a vehicle.  If there is more than one owner and their names are joined by the conjunction “and”, all owners will need to sign as sellers.
  • The seller and buyer sign the upper most section of the back of the title. The Re-assignment sections on the back of the title is to be used by licensed dealers only.
  • Any alteration or erasure voids the Certificate of Title

Applying for Title

1. In Person – Sumner County Clerk locations –     You will need to bring the completed title, proof of residency and payment to one of our locations.  Payment can be made by check, cash, or credit card (Discover, MasterCard, or Visa.) The drive-thru windows in Gallatin and Hendersonville will process basic MVD renewals only.  If  you are applying for a title or updating your expiration date, the work will need to be done inside.

2. Mail title and fees to the address below. The back of the title will need to be fully completed. Both the seller and buyer must sign and print their names on the back of the TN title. Sale date, sales price and odometer reading (for vehicles model year 2011 and newer.)

Power of Attorney (POA) Form

Proof of Residency.  A TN driver’s license (D/L) showing your Sumner County address will serve as both primary proof.  The name, address and signature on the D/L will need to match the buyer’s information on the title. If the address on the title and the D/L are different, you will need to provide two secondary proofs of residence.  Examples on

If the vehicle is being obtained from a direct family member or the sales price is less than 75% of the vehicle’s value, the following form will need to be included


Regular plate and title:                       $95.00


Transfer a plate and title:                  $18.50  transfer plate must be unexpired and registered in the same name as buyer.

If noting a Lien:                                       $11.00

Calculate Sales Tax:                             $ Click HERE

License plate postage:                        $ 5.00

 Regist & title    + Sales tax  + plate postage + Lien if one = Total Fees

($95 or $18.50)+ Sales Tax +       $5.00            +  $11 if lien = Total Fees

Checks should be made payable to: Sumner County Clerk.

Have additional Questions?

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